Orlando Chiropractic Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Orlando Low Level Laser Therapy

Throughout the course of human history, the positive effects of light on the human body have been well documented.  It has also been documented that the lack of exposure to light can cause various ailments including seasonal depression, and lack of vitamin D.  Therapy involving the use of light can be traced all the way back to Ancient Egyptian times, and the benefits have been clear and proven time and time again.  With the evolution of humans and the technology we use, new techniques utilizing light emitted from a laser have been developed to treat ailments and restore normal cellular activity.

While laser treatment for various conditions have been available since the 1970’s, low level laser therapy (known as LLLT) is a much more recent development.  Low level laser therapy utilizes a near infrared type of monochromatic light that assists the human body’s natural cellular repair process.  The low level laser actually enhances the cells ability to regenerate and thus can be used to provide pain relief to the body.  The process is actually non-invasive as well as pain free.  Once the area of distress is recognized and targeted, the laser is placed over the top of the skin in order to pass the tiny light particles, called photons, through the skin and into the affected area.  These photons help to restore normal cellular function and repair the affected area quicker than it would otherwise through the natural healing process.  Treatments with low level laser therapy can assist in injuries, aging and genetically induced irregularities in cell function.

Sports Related Injuries

It is no secret that athletic trainers have been using various forms of laser therapy to help quicken the recovery process associated with injuries sustained while playing sports.  Many athletic trainers attribute quicker healing cycles of their athletes to the use of LLLT when accompanied with traditional forms of physical therapy.  Low level laser therapy is particularly helpful when addressing deep muscle injuries as the photons can easily pass through the skin and penetrate into the muscular tissue of the affected area.

In addition to treating injuries sustained while playing a particular athletic sport, many individuals utilize low level laser therapy as part of their warm up routine in order to help fend off the possibility of sustaining an injury while playing their sport.  Ashley Park Chiropractic is a certified low level laser therapy clinic in Orlando and can utilize this therapy as part of your overall treatment regime.

LLLT For Pain Relief

Prior to undergoing any type of laser treatment involving low level lasers, it is imperative that your health professional (in this case Ashley Park, your Orlando chiropractor) diagnose your pain as being caused by a neuromusculoskeletal related affliction.  Once the proper diagnosis has been completed, patients can choose to utilize LLLT treatment in conjunction with standard chiropractic treatments as a means to speed up the recovery process.  Our team of trained professionals will ask a myriad of health related issues to ensure that you are a candidate for Orlando low level laser treatment.

LLLT research is still ongoing, and as the more is done to understand this type of therapy, the uses continue to expand.  Low level laser therapy can be used to treat both chronic and acute pain symptoms, providing both short term and long lasting pain relief for numerous back and musculoskeletal conditions.

Contact Ashley Park Chiropractic today to determine if you are a candidate for Orlando low level laser therapy for the pain you might be experiencing from a back injury, sports related injury or general chronic pain.